Project Description


Combined with ecological features.

The Göppel city bus was a new challenge. Buses were always dull and squary.

Design influences were taken from the automotive industry to create a new bus look. The challenge was the budget, since a no-name bus was planned to bring onto german streets with a small budget and lots of carry over parts.

The front end needed an eye-catching brand experience, combined with floating and simple lines.  Created was a facial like design to attract people’s attention. Integrating many carry over parts and still having a functional design was achieved by a close collaboration with engineers from Bertrandt AG.

A steady ping-pong effect always lead to compromises, yet in a harmonious and outstanding design language.

The Göppel city bus has a new look and is full of innovations.

The bus can be extended to the longest city buses, so as to be able to carry a maximum number of 250 citizens. The criterias and regulations forced to rethink the buses shape. All buses are squary, but rounder contours were the goal. Different methods were tested to achieve an optical „round shape“ with integrating boxy technical parts behind the visible exterior. Thus, Ramin Ansari has worked on different split lines for parts and used the maximum on lead in radiis.